Close to the Edge 24x24 SOLD
Across the Sea 24x24 SOLD
Imaginary Songbirds 30"Hx15"W SOLD
Forgotten About It 30x30 SOLD
Strip Away Life and Run to Me 24x24 SOLD
Her Best Is Yet To Come 24x18
Reclaimed Territory 24x20
Arctic Expedition 20x16
Soul Navigator 24x20
Fastidious And Precise 30x30
Outhouse 24x20
Collide 36x36 SOLD
Melted Like Butter 36x36 SOLD
Oranges for Fancoise 36x36
The Game Plan 36x36 SOLD
Each Morning She Calls 36x36
Revealed Desires 36x36 SOLD
The Envious Duchess 36x36 SOLD
A Faniliar Unknow 36x36 SOLD
Her Mindful Liberation 36x36