Calling Out Your Name 24x24
The Great Escape 20x20 SOLD
Heart of a Sunshine Dream 36x36 SOLD
His Moody Ways 30x24 SOLD
Into the Mystic 48x48
Come to Me in Mid Afternoon 24x24 SOLD
Frosty Air 20x20 SOLD
Irreplaceable 36x36
Misty View From Above 36x36 SOLD
One Last Goodbye 36x36 SOLD
Pulled Out of Time 36x36
Rhythm of Stillness 30x30 SOLD
Satisfaction Guaranteed 36x36 SOLD
Secret Vermont Oasis 36x36 SOLD
Unconditioned 36x36 SOLD
Settled Whispers 30x30 SOLD
Standing Next to Your Fire 30x30 SOLD
Summer Lily Pond 20x20 SOLD
Sunlit Beginnings 36x36 SOLD
Sunset on the Marsh 30x30 SOLD
Sunshine in the Shade 36x36 SOLD